Monday, March 15, 2004

Craig and I are Cincy boys (one in denial and one in rehab), we love a good riot. Better it be about basketball than white cops shooting black youth.
From what I understand, the Spanish socialist (PSOE) pulled this out as a surprise, but is it really such a surprise when polls showed upwards of 90% of the population didn't want to go to Iraq? I mean come on. Aznar is an ass. Always has been. He was the party leader while I was there. The only reason he managed to stay around this long is because the former leader of PSOE (Gonzales) retired the year Aznar was voted in. The Right Wing there is composed of various groups that are hybrids of Franco loyalists. Look, all the PSOE is saying is that they will not continue to be party of a US led occupation. That they would in fact let the troops stay if the UN takes over. Can you imagine us following another country into a unnecessary war and sticking around with a 90% popular disapproval rating? No fuckng way. It really shouldn't make the terrorist feel like they have won, but then perception is reality. Kind of like us believing that we have won in Iraq and all will work itself out when the Mosul McD's opens.
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