Friday, March 19, 2004

The Spaniards keep drawing criticism from the halls of Congress and from the nifty writing of Charles Krauthammer in today's Post. To be fair, the Post also has a dissenting view from http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A6540-2004Mar18.html. I will just advance this and get back to work: We are reacting to the Spanish election like one would when you finally hear all the shit people have been saying behind your back. Our arrogance tells us that we lead, because we are right. And with that fact established, the logic for the gutting of Iraq follows seamlessly. Listen, as these guys have said over and over again, this was/is a "coalition of the willing." But, like all dysfunctional relationships, when one party constantly pushes the other around--- ending it is not only the right thing to do, but also the logical thing to do. All these abused nations must deal with their "battered Ally syndrome" one way or another. 90% didn't want to go to war, 70% of the population turned out for the vote. Democracy prevailed, the people prevailed, and ultimately Spain will prevail. Look, these are not games drawn up at the Office of Special Plans, these are real shifts in the realm of international relations. In the 3+ years of this admin, this "coalition of the willing" is perhaps the only multinational effort that has been made. We squashed the Kyoto Treaty, spurned the International Court, shunned NATO, and have rendered the WTO all but worthless (which I sure some on here do not mind so much). How are we mourning for Spain, as they mourned for us? Huh? Flags at half mast, moments of silence, grand ceremonies overseen by our leaders? This country has been an ally to the United States from the end of WWII. Spain acted as the springboard for US might in Europe during the Cold War (everything changed when Franco allowed the US to build military bases on her soil). Shame on you for taking an ally to war on false pretenses and then calling them wussies for acting in their own national interest. Look, what they are saying is not that they are pulling their troops out automatically. What they are saying is that they will not continue to be there while the ruling and transition of Iraq is being monopolized by the US. By now we are use to these guys saying that the US doesn't need a permission slip to act in it's own interest. Well, guess what, neither does Spain.
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