Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I admit, this is not my best stuff, but I was pissed, and had a couple after having a fight with Drew over this accountability thing the kids talk so much about these days... (As a quiet observation here, these people will never get over a blow job that happened like, what, six, seven years ago. I don't remember most blow jobs I got six or seven years ago... certainly not eight anyway... ) So, while I would like to say that I am not making him a sacrificial lamb on this Blog, I don't mind. I responded to this with what I thought was a pretty good spike of the tongue, but I want your input since I've been slacking on my content. So here you go (start with my stuff at the bottom and work up):

actually he was asked what his biggest mistake was, and he responded
something to the effect that he's sure he made mistakes, but couldn't
(wouldn't) say what the biggest was. 

i read most of the article.  Yes, the gub'ment wasn't sufficiently prepared
for the restoration of Iraq.  We also didn't know what disarray the entire
infrastructure was in. 

I have a hard time believing that your contempt for this administration
would suddenly turn around if you heard W say " i was wrong about.....".   I
don't agree with  everything the administration has done.  And like all
politicians he's arrogant.  And i don't think any of them got to Washington
without a few lies, deceptions and a lot of spin.  That's unfortunate.
compounded by incidents like Clinton arguing the definition of sex, after
being caught in one of his lies. 

However, I'm not so arrogant as to believe I know better than professionals
at National Security, intelligence, foreign policy, etc.  I can only agree
or disagree with my interpretation of what's going on.

1. anti terror activity :
2. We haven't been in a recession since '01.  The jobless rate has been a
concern, and that has only recently turned around.


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Just got home to hear that the prez was dumbfounded when asked if he thought

he had made any mistakes... my point exactly.  Not one admission.  Until
these folks have some serious soul searching, we are in trouble.  Did you
ever read that Atlantic Monthly article?  Mistakes were made...
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