Monday, April 19, 2004

Took some house guests to Annapolis on Saturday to enjoy a beautiful day in MD's capitol. Really an enjoyable time, but I have to say, seeing those 18-21 yr old mid-shipmen and women did give me pause. I think we forget how young these kids are. These troops show an awful lot of valor and courage, deferring what should be a carefree time in their lives for service. And while I understand that for most of them this wasn't suppose to be the deal, they do serve and sacrifice. Something I am not doing and have not been asked to do. It pains me to imagine the range of emotions that they and thier families must be enduring. How the people who put these kids in harms way sleep at night is beyond me. Knowing what we know now, I baffled by the apparent lack of outrage. Craig, of course, is right about leaving Iraq. "You broke it, you bought it" is where we are at. More later.//
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