Thursday, May 06, 2004

Enough hidding. Everyone and their mother asking for Rummy's head! Seems like W was plenty hot at him yesterday, yet he still wants him where he is and he appreciates him.... what? I am sorry. Please look at Tom Friedman's oped today... Here is my thing: we are in a war of ideas. I think that we are pretty close to beating them on the whole hypocracy of ideas thing, don't you think? Yeah, not all Americans are sadistic fucks who put prisoners on a leash, but then again not all arabs are suicidal killers seeking the blood of the infidel. Niether of these ideas were on the table, right? This was about democracy and freedom and liberation... tell it to the families of damn near 800 people here and thousands there. Firing Rumsfeld would be the very, very, very, very, least we could do in a show of "good will."
C, great to see you here the other week. And I will see you soon. I apologize for the rant on you running for office. That bourbon was far too good for me to keep my thoughts in check. Just wait until I introduce you to this stuff Bobby!!!

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