Friday, March 05, 2004

Couple of thougths:
1. Craig, you're the man. You are the first person to get me excited about Kerry... didn't think that could be done.
2. Do you guys ever wonder what Tenent has on Bush? How does he keep his job? There's got to be something there...
3. Wes Clark, National Security Advisor. I would say defense, but apparently there aren't many fans of him at the DOD.
4. Have you all looked at the job creation numbers for Feb? 21,000. That's not even close to the what they anticipated (110,000, which is less than we need just to keep up with folks entering the market). Also revised down were Jan and Dec (total job creation: 8,000). Are you fucking kidding me? He's got a lot of balls with those new ads saying how we need to stay the course.

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