Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Great "soft power" article, Tony.

The lead article in today's WP (print edition - step off bitches!), President to Let Rice Testify About 9/11 has got me running for the blog. As I read it, here's what I'm thinking:

1. The title. He's going to let her? How about, he had no choice and never did? The press did a pretty good job, I think, at applying the pressure. It was only a matter of time. If I had any patience for conservative talk radio, I'd love to hear the sputtering over this.

2. In the second paragraph, the article notes that Bush will meet in private with the commission, "saying he will appear only with Vice President Cheney at his side." Someone needs his hand held...

3. It is amazing that they made this about Constitutional principal and separation of powers after they have shredded the Constitution for the past 3 years and continue to violate SOP, beginning with the Supreme Court handing Bush the Presidency in 2000 and now with the whole duck hunting mess between Cheney and Scalia. And can we talk about duck hunting for a second? Are you kidding me? Just go play golf, assholes. Is "duck hunting" a code for "non-seperative power gay sex"?

4. These assurances from the commission about not setting a precedent... What's the point? In the future. if Condi Rice might need to testify on some matter, are they REALLY gonna bust out this paper and say, "But you said..." Grow up.

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