Thursday, March 11, 2004

I am really having some delayed memories, going back 10+ years. Craig, remember our freshmen year? Unreal, here we are a decade later in the same country that was the enemy. God, we were so cynical about what was going on then... blood for oil... all that shit. Huh? I kind of convinced myself that that was a passing, distorted view of the reality of the situation. Turns out that what we were so sure of was true. Fuck. I need help on this one y'all. I believe in this country. I think it's the greatest concept that humanity has happened upon and worked with (I feel your cringe Bobby). "When Good Things Attack"
Instead of our negative vision, what is still right? Other than Ashcroft being in so much pain. I am sending that quote from Will to Jon Stewart... damn it.
Well, whatever. We had the disclaimer of random thoughts on this Blog thing, so I am not going to try to qualify my thought process.
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