Thursday, March 11, 2004

If I were Kerry, and wasn't just playing to play, I would say something to the effect of: "Damn right, I said they are crooked." Fuck those guys. They can't call foul after the shit they are doing in their campaing. Further to that discussion, what is up with them calling foul on moveon.org and the like? This is what truly bothered me about the campaign finance shit... other than hard money ending up in the wrong hands... it's unconstitutional. To say that an interest group collecting public money to finance their message is illegal is absolutely wrong. McCain Fiengold had the right spirit, but was pushed in the wrong way.
C, we will have a couple and plan a better way to get this done over some of IHOP's best selections soon. Hope your fiance is up for it. Bobby, it would be great if you and Jen could join us one of the nights they are here. Maybe some tapas, a laptop and lot of drink?!
On hockey: I would guess that 40% of the spectators go there for the fights, which is an expression of what is wrong with our culture. For all the play that wrestling gets, hockey is the real deal. It sickens me, I don't get it, don't like it, and would much rather have a football season that lasted that long.
On ETA and the suspected connections with today's horrific scene in Madrid: It wasn't ETA. There is no way. This was the same al Queda folks that we know so well here in DC. Look for Aznar and his government to make a big deal of homeland security in the next couple of days going towards the elections. Spain, for what it is worth was one of the steadfast supporters of the Bush admin to get into the Iraq fight. Extremely unpopular war to go into for the citizens of Spain. This is their 9/11 and our sympathy should be with them today. Free societies pay a price. I love that country, but they are not far enough along in their democracy to deal with something of this magnitude. Please watch how they react to it. Is it just us, or are we all in for now? BTW, this is why I don't take the metro any more.
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