Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's official - it's Kerry! JFK in '04! I for one am ecstatic. John Kerry is the best guy to run for President since RFK and the best to be nominated since at least Adlai Stevenson. I know there are quite a few dissatisfied bead-wearing dope-smoking white vegan lefties out there, but if the most liberal voting guy in the Senate is not good enough for them, then I think they are perilously close to Naderism. They don't care what happens to the country, they just want to make themselve feel good by voting for someone who makes them feel good. From the other side, JK has been savagely attacked for being "soft on defense." The Bushies claim he voted to gut US intelligence overseas and now a hypocrite for claiming it's too weak, failed to stop 9/11 and got it wrong on WMD. This is just another Bush/neocon lie. The truth is here.
On the topic of gay marriage, why don't we all just get civil unions? I'm getting married this July 17, and my fiancee recently asked if we should get a civil union instead. We don't have those here in Illinois, but why not? The Cons are arguing that gay marriage threatens the "sanctity" of marriage, but "sanctity" is a religious thing, and the issue here is civil marriage. After all, gay couples can already get a church marriage, depending on the church. I know a gay couple who had a religious ceremony more than a year ago. So why don't we make marriage a church thing, and have the state give civil unions to everyone? Some guy named Thomas Jefferson once suggested a "wall of separation" between church and state . . .
Bob Barr, who wrote the Defense of Marriage Act, is opposed to the marriage discrimination amendment on states' rights grounds.
This is scary but true, the real Bush Agenda. Hey Bob, y'all should link to Truth Out, it can be pretty cool.
On a non-political note, I saw Audrey Niffenegger read tonight at the Newberry Library, which was great. Everybody should buy her book.

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