Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Just got a note from my boy Will Wieland in Outer Mongolia (no, really). Thought I'd pass this along: "We just got back from staying at the nomad encampment for a couple of days. It went really well. One of them spoke a little English and Korean, so we were able to communicate in a mix of three languages. There are a lot of Koreans here and lot of Korean businesses too, so it is not too strange that he would speak some Korean.
"We hung out in the Ger, the felt tent they live in, and talked for awhile with his family and friends.
As a note to share with any Republicans you know, as soon as they found out that I was an American, they felt my arms to see how strong I was (all Americans are super strong, they said) and told me that American people are good but "Bush stupid bad". They all then began to spit on the floor after saying his name. So even yak herders in the middle of Mongolia think Bush is a moron."
Yak herders. Come on, America, wake up!
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