Sunday, March 14, 2004

Ok, now I've had a couple of cocktails. Thought of the night... Primus is probably one of the most competent group of musicians ever assembled, but for fuck's sake, there is no need for a 15min drum solo. Yeah, I said it! No need. If I ever see them again I am going stoned. Three hours just to listen to that race car driver thing, fuck that shit. Chip was in absolute music geek heaven, but I am afraid that I am just not that guy. They are really good though... The visual stuff was amazing. No drinks or smoking in the venue... are you kidding me? No really... AYFKM?
On Espana: Contacted my boyz in Madrid and Ibiza. They are in that all too familiar terror daze. Emi said that they are hoping that it is ETA because it's the horror that they know. To think that they are being attacked from outside is too hard to admit. I am holding off on suggesting that they are. Thanks a lot W.
Chip and I were discussing it tonight and I've decided that I no longer give a fuck what my republican friends think anymore. If they continue to give a blank check to this guy, I will not be cordial. The situation is too grave to be a nice fucking guy. Sorry Drew, I am going to be that fuck for the next 8 months.
I got invited to go to Ibiza. I have to get caught up on my Techno, but as far as I am concerned, I am going. We aren't getting any younger, I am not on the fast track to being the married guy (like you all), and every "warrior" needs one last defining war... and I don't think it involves the Lucky Bar. Maybe it does, but I am not going to find out.
"Police are on my drawers, I have to pause, fourty ounce in my lap and it's freezing my balls... Old English 800, 'cause that's my brand, take it in a bottle, 40 quart, or can, fuck the police and the 5-0 too."
I am out. Big ups to those who are in the know. BTW, Go Bearcats!

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