Wednesday, March 17, 2004

On this first year since the beginning of the war for the liberation of the Iraqi people, we watch them devide, we watch our will lapse to some arbitrary date driven by political survival, we watch the daily casualties spread from those sent to engage in agression to the civilians that were meant to engage in acts of humanity. We observe the decission makers decide that we must make them ours, as if they have chosen for us to be their model. We tell them of a day when they will be able to decide their future. We watch their expressions of freedom and cringe at the posibility that they will not embrace our way.
We sit in astonishment at a nation that has decided that terror is not fought by infringing on the basic rules of international law, but instead by engaging the enemy through expressing their values in the true democratic spirit of elections, and the reflection of a nation's ultimate will. All the while, damning the horror, lamenting their dead, and demanding retribution. Terror for us in novelty, for them it's an all too often fact of life.
We sit while our leadership only asks that we do not reject their moral judgment. That we sacrifice only our indignity for the demands they make at the expense and detriment of other people's children.
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