Thursday, March 11, 2004

A quick word about hockey. If the NHL, the fans and the media don't start a serious, productive discussion about eliminating fighting from the NHL and its minor leagues right away, they are just plain stupid. Bertuzzi's recent attack on Moore that has Moore still in the hospital and Bertuzzi suspended indefinitely was, on the one hand, basically an accident. Moore was knocked out immediately when he was first hit and fell to the ground unable to cushion his fall, and the resulting contact between his head and the ice (along with Betuzzi's weight forcing him down) is what broke his neck. If the initial blow hadn't knocked him out, he would have protected himself from hitting the ice and we probably wouldn't still be talking about this. However, because this was basically an accident, and because of the extend of Moore's injuries, it isn't that hard to imagine that Moore could have died. The NHL should outlaw fighting before the next accident becomes deadly.
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