Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Eazy-E" writes to say that she is enjoying the blog so far but that she wishes that Tony would stop posting under Bob's name, because it is confusing. Funny, because that's what I told him several times, but I suppose he doesn't value my opinion like he used to. Tony since has obtained his own login info, so confusion no more.

E, Craig's fiancee, also wants to know more about the supposed "all stars" of North Arlington (part of Arlington, VA nestled between the River Potomac and Rt. 50 - basically those parts assesible by Metro). Bob is 30, loves cheap beer and is recently married. Tony is 31, loves all beer and desperately wants this blog to be widely read. That should be everything you need to know.

Coworker Steve writes in regarding my post from Wednesday about Rumsfeld. He says:

"I beg to differ with that statement that Rummy said it was an immediate threat. Rumsfield's statement as replayed on the screen was: "No state poses a greater or more immediate threat than..." Now this may be me looking for a bright spot here, but what I see in that is not that he is saying they are an immediate threat, but that it is more immediate than other nations. That was my view of it.

That's fair, but I think the ultimate things to take away from that clip are (1) that it is funny to see a man squirm and (2) his claim that a few rouge journalists had invented this phrase was incorrect, at least in meaning, if not exact wording. Bush and Condi's mushroom cloud scenarios and all that....
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