Monday, March 01, 2004

That pretty white building on Pennsylvania Ave.

Hey kids - guess what? The main residences for the President of the United States and for the Vice President of the United States are both located in balmy Washington, D.C. (expected high of 65 degrees today, the first day of March) Did you know that? Does W know that? This certainly isn't topical and quite possibly isn't even interesting, but it has always bothered me how quickly Bush packs it up to go back to Texas every chance he gets. I'm sure there's a framed piece of linen hanging somewhere on that famous Crawford compound (site of the infamous August 2001 month long vacation), cross-stitched with something sappy like, "Home is where you hang your saddle". How about, home is where the fucking powerseat of the goddamn free world is?

Plus, you'd like to think that with only a few months left here, he'd get in a few last meals at our fancy pants, non-BBQ, non-peanut-shells-on-the-floor restaurants.
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