Monday, March 15, 2004

UMd defeated Duke University yesterday to win the ACC tournament. Predictably, there was rioting along the US-1 corridor in College Park afterwards. When I asked my wife this morning if she had heard that Maryland beat Duke, she said, "Well, I knew they must've when I saw that riot police had been dispached. I corrected her, "No, they would have done the same thing if they had lost."

The Terps may have the name "college" in the name of their town, but let's be serious - College Park is just a missed 3-pointer away from being part of P.G. County. What other things might cause the faithful to take to the streets with burning mattresses? Plug tobacco shortages? The end of the NASCAR "season"? Anti-mullet rhetoric? Why can't the University keep control of its students? UMd may have a history of success under Gary Williams, but the only tradition in the making is one of embarrasing postgame behavior.
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