Saturday, March 27, 2004

Went to the Kerry MeetUp this week - I used to hand with these people in the summer and fall, but I stopped going, first because I thought the Kerry campaign was extinct, and then, when they came back, I didn't want to help - I thought the contested primary was good for our team, gave us lots of free press which was important since we didn't have any money. So I wanted it to take as long as possible. Anyway, I am going to be active again. Met the owner of a bar in my neighborhood, we are going to have a fundraiser if we can figure out how to do it legally - her business is not allowed to contribute - how can we keep track of contributions, make sure the bar isn't contributing anything but isn't making too much money, either? I don't see how we can do it on a per-beer basis, but a cover won't work, because the regulars would be surly. For nonprofit benefits, we do $35 all you can drink deals . . . maybe we could do that, with a wristband instead of a cordoned off area? Or a Kerry button . . . Anybody who has an idea about how to do this complying with campaign law, drop me a line.
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