Thursday, April 22, 2004

Happy Earth Day
Happy Earth Day, people. In true liberal, hippy, tree hugging fashion, my plan today is to say "Happy Earth Day" and then walk in a trail of exhaust behind a bus.

Check out this quote from a Heritage Foundation article entitled "Down to Earth Day", which argues that economic growth and progress have made the environment better, not worse.

And let’s not forget what autos replaced: horses. Back in the days when horse-drawn carriages were the main means of transportation, our streets were filled with manure. This waste was itself a dangerous form of pollution.

First of all, a Ph.D. wrote that. Those pictures from the Prince William Sound in Alaska of the birds and fishies covered with MANURE were really heart wrenching. Jackass...

Next, he actually ALMOST gets the point. He says that subsistence farming and clear cutting were less efficient that coal. But coal is dirty, so we moved to natural gas. His argument is then that we should let the free-market make the improvements necessary to protect the environment. That may be true; consumer demand may ultimately drive fuel efficiency standards higher. But why wait? Why not increase fuel efficiency standards to a real, meaningful level? Why not encourage people to drive less? The article is silent on this point.

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