Thursday, April 01, 2004

Some of GWB's ads about Kerry are confusing me. Two ads now have cited something about Kerry or his policies but then immediately explained the rational for those differing ideas. Examples:

Most recently, in "Wacky", the ad narrator says that Kerry wants to "tax gas more so that people drive less". Even if you were afraid that you couldn't afford a gas tax and might lose your job and your house because of it, couldn't you at least see, in an ideal sense, that people driving less would be good on so many levels? And there's the ad, explaining Kerry's rational (10 years ago) to you.

And you might remember one of the earliest ads, "100 Days" which explained that Kerry "wanted to delay defending America until the UN approved". Again with the explanations. Sure the "waiting to defend America" part is different than Kerry might have explained it, but if someone got in Kerry's face and said, "You wanted to delay defending America, you rat-bastard!" He would probably come back with, "Yes, because I thought that the UN needed to be involved as well."

Thank you, RNC.
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