Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Sports, and not just Tony and Craig bitching about Cincy...

The Washington Post has a story today about the University of Maryland taking some proactive steps to improve fan behavior at sporting events, specifically basketball games. I'll let the article speak for itself, except to mention one point made by coworker Kevin. The article mentions that students and administrators are concerned with not infringing on student's First Amendments rights. But students and alumni who take pride in their University need to understand that until they learn to police their own free speech and after-game behavior, the press will continue to use their First Amendment rights to trash the reputation of the University. Speaking for myself, I hold the name of that univeristy as synonymous with classless, white-trash rednecks. As part of a very classy conference, UMd really stands out. Will top athletes want to play for a school whose games are regularly covered by ESPN but only when The Sports Reporters is doing another feature about fan behavior? Why would an out-of-state student want to be involved with a school with such a horrible reputation? The school is smart to get in front of this issue.
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