Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Because I am a subscriber to salon.com, I was offered a free subscription to a periodical called Granta, "The Magazine Of New Writing" I just got my first issue. The theme of the issue is "Over There" and the first section is subtitled "How America Sees The World". Anyway, there is also a photo essay called "The Home Front" and includes pictures, among others, of an anti-war rally in Chicago, troops (the 101st Airborne) boarding a plane bound for Kuwait, old people sitting in a diner in Elizabeth City, NC watching TV about the bombing of Baghdad, and the funeral of a Marine in LaHarpe, Illinois. My favorite picture is of a family from Richmond, VA (makin' us proud!) at a pro-war rally. Goddammit, there must be 700 pounds between the mom and the dad and they've got their fat asses parked in beach chairs that I say a little prayer for everytime I look at the picture because those things have got to be close to breaking. I mean, the tensile strength of cheap aluminum can't be that high! Anyway, the kicker is that two of them are holding signs that say, "Support Our Troops".

I'm sorry, isn't that an anti-war sign?

No one sets fires or commits crimes because they love firemen and cops so much! No one gets sick so that doctors can keep making the mortgage payment on their vacation homes. Ideally, firemen would sit in the firehouse, eating chili and playing penny-ante poker with naked lady playing cards. Ideally, cops would stake out the donut shop and nowhere else. Ideally, the troops would be at home with their families.
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