Thursday, June 17, 2004


I don't know, Bob. I suppose it's infantile, doesn't focus on the issues, and doesn't reflect the way a liberal democracy should be run. Yet I found the "kick out Bush" game oddly satisfying . . .

From Salon:

In violation of international law, Donald Rumsfeld ordered military officials to hold a man suspected of being a senior Iraqi terrorist at a high-level detention center but not list him on the prison's rolls to hide him from the Red Cross, New York Times reports.

"Pentagon and intelligence officials said the decision to hold the detainee without registering him -- at least initially -- was in keeping with the administration's legal opinion about the status of those viewed as an active threat in wartime. Seven months later, however, the detainee -- a reputed senior officer of Ansar al-Islam, a group the United States has linked to Al Qaeda and blames for some attacks in Iraq -- is still languishing at the prison but has only been questioned once while in detention, in what government officials acknowledged was an extraordinary lapse."

"'Once he was placed in military custody, people lost track of him,' a senior intelligence official conceded Wednesday night. 'The normal review processes that would keep track of him didn't.'"

Which is more appalling, Bushco's despicable policies or their shocking incompetence?

We Report, You Decide.

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