Friday, November 19, 2004

Eschew Obfuscation

"Eschew" is the word of the day. Also, the title of this post was seen on a bumper sticker. Love it.

Listening to very loud heavy metal is fun. When you hear the tea kettle scream in the background, it can be very scary.

Elwood responded to my post about Arlington here and asked some questions that I wanted to respond to.

When Jen and I decided to buy a place, we decided to stay in Arlington because we love it here. There is plenty going on, not TOO much traffic, great places to eat, parks with tennis courts, families, and black people. I'm always afraid when I go somewhere and don't see any black people. Like the corporate board room at my company, for example. We could have chosen a different location and paid less or gotten more house, but we weren't really willing to do that. I think our realtor thought we were crazy. We can quickly walk to either Clarendon or Court House and on a nice weekend day, we can even walk all the way Georgetown, across the Key Bridge or to the mall at Ballston. If only Chick-Fil-A was open on Sundays.

Jen and I aren't close to having a kid, so a small 1BR is enough for now. We'll stay in Arlington for a while. If we decide to move, there will be a whole bunch of factors that will determine where we move to, but not liking Arlington won't be one of them. Arlington is definitely becoming more and more urban and if Virginia had actually ponied up its share of land for the District, back in the day, we'd be in DC now. If I won the lottery or inherited $20m, I buy the penthouse at Lyon Hill and never leave.

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