Friday, November 19, 2004

So Pissed

Someone told me this was a Christmas cactus.

Well, it is blooming now and it is nowhere near Christmas.

Also, here's a jacaranda tree that I've grown from seeds. I picked up the seed pods along the Oversees Highway in the Florida Keys last year when Jen and I were there on our honeymoon.

Hooray for plant posts. I can't remember how to "time" a Christmas cactus (that is indeed what it is) but it has something to do with light cycles. After it finishes this round of blooming, pull the spent blooms off, put it in a bright corner and dry it out. The week after Thanksgiving, begin watering regularly again. Sometimes you can trick them into blooming again after a dry spell. I'm told that some people manage to keep them blooming all year long but I don't know how to do that.
Is the jacaranda a touch-sensitive plant?
I'm not motivated enough to develop a schedule for a plant, but thanks for the info. I was just being silly that I was pissed.

The jacaranda is not touch sensative, but it does fold up AT NIGHT, which is interesting. Maybe I'll get a picture of that.
this plant looks like a white leadtree or leucaena leucocephala which is in the pea family. It is found throughout much of the florida keys. jacarandas leaves do not fold up at night and it is not in the pea family but both are beautiful.
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