Thursday, November 18, 2004

The thing I love about this picture is that you can just tell that Bush is wondering why the hell everyone isn't paying attention to him. He wants to jump and down and scream, "I'M the president! Daaa-deeee, make all those people pay attention to meeee." Clinton commands attention and I think even Bush is a little affected.

Ford couldn't attend because he had a prior engagement. Too bad Bush didn't have something previously scheduled. I mean, you'd think he'd be busy, don't you?

Another thing: Bush and Clinton were both born in 1946. Would you have guessed that fact just by looking at this picture?

Carter looks old, for the love of gawd.

I've heard Carter speak a couple of times in the past week or two or three. He kicks a lot of ass.

Not so much in this picture, but I thought Clinton looked old at this event. His recent illness has made him look more gaunt than I would have believed. I didn't notice when he was out campaigning the last week in October--perhaps he gave his makeup person the week off?
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