Friday, December 03, 2004

A New Blog

Why? Because I can.

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled a new service called MSN Spaces. I signed up for a free blog and it appears to allow you to post messages, create playlists to share musical tastes and host pictures, among other things. I thought for a long time about what kind of blog I might want to have; one that was distinctly different from this one. [Is "distinctly different" redundant?]

Should I start a "Lincoln Blog" about a "Blog Cabin"? "2 Bumps on a Blog"? Or something about SNL's classic fake commercial, "It's Blog! It's Blog"?

I have decided on something that makes the most sense... a cheese blog.

Introducing Care For a Cheese Blog? There's nothing there yet, but there soon will be. Maybe by the time anyone reads this.

(Muffled whine) I can't post a comment about cheese without signing in to a msn passport thingy! I don't want to give them my passport!

So I'll just say here that I am totally in agreement with you on the "american cheese" issue. I don't know what force is holding Jen and Elwood hostage, but it must be stopped. Long live Cheddar!
Oh man! I didn't realize that you'd have to sign in to post comments. Damn!
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