Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Whither NAAS

I am beginning to hate Blogger. It just ate my post again, for the second time in three days! My guess is, they don't have the capacity for all the new users flooding the system. Don't be me, compose your post in another format like a smart person.

Like I tried to say a few minutes ago, Bob and I both have our own blogs now which we can use for extensive navel gazing, and I have been wondering what to do with NAAS. For now I plan to start using the page to draw bring to the attention of friends and readers stories which have gotten lost in all the commotion of our nations headlong rush from Republic to Empire to Third World Has-Been.

Here's a couple now:
Secret U.S. Torture Island Had Advanced Tsumani Warning

Rumsfeld's Legacy: An Iraq Syndrome?

and the kicker:
There Ain't No WMD in Iraq
Told ya so.

I look at all sides of an argument... interesting stuff. Check out my views. Thank you.
to BS: "I look at all sides of an argument" is such a fucking cop-out. If you want to catagorically agree with everything Bush does, just say it, man.

I looked at your blog: real high-brow stuff. I see you've succeeded in confusing the notion of Iraq as a people who need rescuing and democracy and Iraq as a nation of thugs who need to be exterminated.
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