Wednesday, March 23, 2005

baby says, "wah"; picture; and Nader

Tom Delay, whining: "It is very unfortunate that the Democrats have no agenda. All they can do is try to tear down the House and burn it down in order to gain power," he said in defending himself.

I'm no psychiatrist, but I'll bet that keys to defensive behavior are overexaggerating and deflecting.


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These are Schiavo-pro-lifers, and I don't really understand what their point is. Because who can't talk about it? EVERYONE is talking about it. And you know what? With the feeding tube? And the tape?


It might be too early for a transcipt right now, but...

I saw Ralph Nader on Crossfire tonight. You know what I love about that guy? He fucking keeps it irrelevant ALL THE TIME. I on purpose turned the music off and changed the TV from MUTE when I saw that he was on to talk about Schiavo. I figured he would be tearing everyone around him a new one. Nope. Paraphasing, this is what he had to say, in the midst of all the controversy of the past few days (and specifically today): "I don't see why custody can't be transferred from Michael to her parents." WHAT? Yeah, because all Michael wants is a day off. Fuck Nader, once AGAIN.
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