Thursday, July 07, 2005


Read this article. It isn't a joke.

The interesting part of this is that a guy I play volleyball with told me this story two weeks ago. He's an Arlington County cop but he didn't have many details at the time; as in, who did this and what county's police department they worked for. He actually didn't know where this had happened. He told me the story, and although I was definitely disturbed by it, I laughed with him about it, because in my mind, I was thinking, "there is no way this is a true story". When I heard the exact same story on the news this morning, with the same details, in the same order, I couldn't believe it.

In fact, I related the story to Tony the next day.

I think the cop should have loaded the deer into the car, rolled up the windows and then run a rubber tube from the exhaust tailpipe through a window. Or perhaps fed it some sleeping pills and then forced the deer to wash them down with Old Crow.
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