Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bush Shoulders Blame

Wonkette has some interesting thoughts on Bush's comments accepting blame for the federal gubment's bungled Katrina response. It made me think of a fun game though, albeit one with serious consequences. It has to do with trying to guess or anticipate what republican strategists have up their sleeves next.

After having the democrats hammer the administration for two weeks, Bush accepting blame for everyone and everything kind of takes the sting out of any future criticisms. After all, why continue to play the blame game, as it is called, when Bush has already said, not unlike my dad everytime the family goes out to dinner, "yo, it's on me." You say we should convene a independent commission to figure out what went wrong? Why waste the effort? Bush will tell you (and continue to remind you, no doubt, because repeating shit is his forte) that he's to blame.

So what next? This starts the game, and I'll open. What do politicians who have fucked up do best? They "pull a Brownie"; they resign or retreat. Wouldn't it be a brilliant move for Bush to resign the office? Then he'd not only get quit working so hard all the dang time, but Cheney'd be able to take over 3 years early, setting the stage for his run in 2008.

How else could we have played this game in the past?
The thought that he'd resign sends shivers of joy up my spine.
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