Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm beginning a new surge to do a lot more writing: blogging, journaling, short stories, letters, quality e-mails. The Seagram's 7 is on the rocks tonight, so now is as good a time as any to get started.

First things first.

What I'm reading now: The Tender Bar, by J.R. Moehringer. It is a memoir, and it may very well be my very first memoir ever. I'm loving this book although I doubt that I will become a lover of memoirs. The author writes about his fatherless youth and his search for male companionship and male role models in his hometown bar. A lot of details seem to resonate with me and maybe that's the beauty and attraction of memoir reading. I still am waiting to see how the story ends; it has been a heartbreaking work so far and something tells me it isn't done.

On the subject of books, tomorrow is a reading and book signing of "The Areas of My Expertise" by John Hodgman. You of course are familiar with him from the Daily Show and from his role of "PC" in the PC v Apple commercials. I already owned the book but in order to get tickets to the event for my wife and myself, I had to buy two more copies, so if someone is interested in a signed copy of the book, let me know.

Jen and I have seen two plays in the last week and a half. Both have been one-woman productions. The first was 9 Parts of Desire at the Arena Stage. Fantastic. So interesting and well-performed and enlightening. The second, this past weekend at St. Mark's Catholic Church in Virginia Beach, where Jen and I were married, was Late Night Cathechism
. I wasn't "taught by the nuns" so some of the jokes were over my head, but part of the experience was watching my parents and Jen's parents react to the performer and relive their catholic school days. And there was free box wine at the intermission, which is awesome - sometimes it is The Blood of Christ, sometimes it is a overly fruity intermission beverage.
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