Thursday, February 01, 2007

Progressive Talk

(I'm actually surprised this is the first I've blogged about this)
To start, here are a few links:

AM1260 in DC
At work, I stream Air America shows on the internet out of LA, Miami or Portland - the difference is the local commercials, which are fun.

I listen to Stephanie Miller Stephanie Miller (she's my favorite, entertainment-wise) from 9-12, Al Franken from 12-3 and Ed Shultz from 3 until I leave work.

We get Bill Press in the car on the way to work and if I get to work early enough, I listen to The Young Turks, which is an interesting name.

Thw whole point of this post, which I kind of forgot about as a draft for three weeks, was that Al Franken's show is ending today, Feb. 14th. So it is fortunate that I came across it today.

Many people will do a much better job of eulogizing The Al Franken Show than I can. However, I have been an almost everyday listener and I listened to the very first show ever. In those days, I would sit at my desk at work with my headphones in, and basically just stare, unmoving, for three hours. Over the years, I learned how to function while listening, but it was tough at the beginning.

I particularly liked his co-host in the beginning, Katherine Lampher. Her laugh was amazing. The comedy skits that the two of them did together were genuinely Franken and I loved her for pouring herself into his craziness so fully.

I'm all over the place, so I'm gonna stop. Good luck, Al.
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