Thursday, May 31, 2007

Soccer at Summers

On Saturday night (5-26) I wanted to watch the DC United v Houston Dynamo match. It was a home match at RFK but for a few reasons, I didn't want to go to see it live (cost, weather, convenience). At any rate, that shouldn't matter.

Now, just because a DCU match is being played at home doesn't mean that it won't be shown on ComcastSportsNet. At least not usually. I was able to watch almost every match last season on either CSN or ESPN2. No problems.

Saturday night's match was ONLY scheduled to be shown on something called HDNET. I don't know what that is, but I definitely don't get it at home. Luckily, Summers Grill and Sports Bar is within walking distance and is always showing soccer matches. In fact, from their website,
"Welcome to Summers Restaurant... the "Best Sports Pub in America for Soccer" according to Matchday Magazine."
Consider this the beginning of an informal campaign against Summers. The short version of my adventure in trying to get into Summers to watch the match was that they were not showing the DCU match, they were showing, in fact, NO SOCCER that night and there was a $10 cover for people to come in to watch some bullshit Ultimate Fighting Championship. huh?

I ended up going to Kitty O'Shea's to see if I could watch it there, but I think it was actually blacked out for some reason.

It turns out that listening to it on the radio would have been my best option.

I may have to plan to go to the home matches for the month of June because according to the schedule, I will only be able to see 2 out of 5 matches in June on TV at home.
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