Wednesday, January 21, 2009


While in southern Virginia over Christmas break, my wife and I went to Portsmouth with my in-laws for lunch and some shopping. There are a lot of antique stores on High St., the main drag in Portsmouth, and at one of the shops we found this punch bowl and mugs set.

The set, consisting of the punch bowl (red dots) with metal handle and 6 mugs (green dots), was priced at $75. As we were deciding to purchase the set, the proprietor of the shop informed us that "everything" was 20% off. Uhh, OK. So we brought the set home for $60.

Each of the mugs has the "AH" mark of Hazel-Atlas, which is described here. The punch bowl itself has no markings on the bottom, although the pattern is absolutely the same, so I cannot believe that the bowl isn't Hazel-Atlas as well.

I was excited to get home and look the set up on eBay to see if we had gotten a good price. What I found was that there was NOTHING on ebay like this.

Jen found this blog post that shows the same bowl (scroll down) with no metal handle and no mugs. The blogger says that the bowl is Fire King and frankly, the info that I found relating Hazel-Atlas, Anchor Hocking and Fire King is confusing. There seems to be some sort of relationship between the three companies, so I can't says that he's necessarily wrong.

Update: I found the bowl and mugs on ebay for $150. No metal handle.
Wow what a great punch bowl! I think it's fire king. what a great set for the holidys!
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